Why pack with llamas?

Llamas are quiet and gentle and when raised properly won't spit on people,  just eachother!

‚ÄčLlamas are nimble like goats and can can  hike steep and rocky terrain that horses and pack mules cannot.

‚ÄčYou don't ride llamas so you don't have to worry about getting hurt and they carry all your stuff for you!

Llamas have a very light tread on the trail, equivilant to a deer as opposed to a horse or mule which pulverize the trail to dust.

Llamas can hike up to 20 miles a day!

My llamas can carry up to 90 lbs each (gear, NOT humans) and are browsers and camelids which means they are not picky eaters so food does not have to be carried in for them and they only have to drink once a day.

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